Bryce Henson was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in various states across Southeastern US. He moved to the state of Michigan for high school and college, graduating from Michigan State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising with an emphasis on Management.

Upon graduation, Bryce moved to Southern California in 2005. An instant attraction to a healthy and fit lifestyle ensued which led him to begin his journey of becoming a fitness professional. In 2009, he was certified through NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer and began training clients into fantastic shape. He then launched his first indoor fitness business in November 2012, Yorba Linda Fit Body Boot Camp. He followed that up with the launch of his second indoor fitness business in January 2014, bryce speaking 300x206 AboutMission Viejo Fit Body Boot Camp. In 2015, he launched both his third and fourth indoor fitness boot camp Anaheim Fit Body Boot Camp and San Marcos Fit Body Boot Camp; then his first Cryogenenic Therapy business OC Cryospa to help clients with pain management and muscle recovery. to help clients with pain management and muscle recovery. In addition to owning five health & fitness facilities, he is a published author, nutrition and health coach, has completed multiple half marathons, the NYC Marathon and coached thousands of clients to their fitness and fat loss goals.

Bryce enjoys travel, business, physical fitness, languages, endurance races, the beach and reading inspirational content for the sake of inspiring others to achieve their dreams. He has traveled to all inhabitable continents and lived in Hong Kong and Florianopolis, Brazil and consequently is proficient in Brazilian Portuguese.

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